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Saving You Money When You Phone Home
Phoning home is now cheaper and easier. was created to help end the high cost of phoning home while on a business trip, keeping in touch with a loved one or making an international call. This web site can help you find the lowest rate calling card for your specific calling needs.
State to State Calling Cards for the Road

Perfect for business travelers or vacationers who call several different phone numbers while away from home. Some hotels charge up to 500% more than the actual cost of the call. This site compares low rate calling cards with no surcharges and no monthly minimums.

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U.S.toWorld International Calls From the U.S.

For people visiting or living in the United States who often make calls to another country. The best way to save money on international calls is to find the residential plan that has the lowest international rates and use it. Fortunately the plans with the lowest rates for calls inside the United States usually have the lowest rates for calls outside the country as well. We list the rate plans that we believe have the lowest international rates.

Link to Top 10 Carriers for International Calls.

WorldtoStates International Calls Back to the U.S.

For people traveling outside the country who call back to the United States. The best solution is to get a calling card that is post-paid (you pay a bill at the end of the month) instead of a pre-paid card. From 140 different countries, we list the cost-per-minute rates back to the continental United States.

Link to Country by Country Comparison Chart on calls back to the US.

StatetoState Toll Free Numbers -- The Cheapest Way to Phone Home

Toll free numbers are perfect for people who make calls to a single long distance number within the United States. Toll free numbers provide the lowest rate alternative for calls made to one number. Ideal for college students or the frequent business traveler. If you have a toll free number, anyone can phone home for a rate as low as 4.9 cents per minute.

Link to Top 10 Companies Providing a Toll Free Number.

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